Posted by: jaynedearborn | June 10, 2009

The Blue Butterfly Campaign Begins


Blue Butterfly Campaign

This past June 4, 2009 Max would have turned 16 years old.  Hard to believe that he would be driving and giving me plenty more gray hairs.  As the day approached, I was a bit hesitant about spending it alone, something I hadn’t done since he passed away.  My husband had been traveling, my oldest son still back east at college and my youngest son was in school. 

We had a goal to launch our newly updated website for our non-profit, The Blue Butterfly Campaign, on Max’s birthday.  My worries were soon replaced with feelings of warmth and gratitude as I spent the day on the phone with our wonderful friend and marketing person, Cindy Aggson, working on the website.  I watched out the window as we went from a beautiful day filled with sunshine to a major thunderstorm which seemed to come in from nowhere.  Our lights flickered and we temporarily lost internet coverage–I thought we were done with our work for the day.   But low and behold everything restored itself and we continued to work away.  Or should I say Cindy worked while I  reviewed changes and gave her moral support.  After we finished the site later that night, I realized that I couldn’t have spent the day in a more perfect way honoring Max and having the comfort of someone dear to me on the other end of the phone. I felt truely blessed.   Thank you Cindy and Max.  It was a great day!  To read more about the Blue Butterfly Campaign go to:

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