Posted by: jaynedearborn | May 11, 2010

Max was that you?

My husband/biz partner, Chris, and I just returned from the Accessorie Circuit tradeshow in New York City.  While there, we got to visit with my youngest brother, Robert, who I only see once a year.  He’s a drummer and loves the city life.  On our first night together, I was sharing with Robert our evening at the Power of the Purse fundraiser in Portland Oregon.  We were delighted to hear the fabulous guest “pursonality” Dionne Warwick sing two of her famous songs,”What the World Needs Now” and “That’s What Friends Are For”.   Robert, Chris and I proceeded to talk about Dionne Warwick, all her great songs and how she made Burt Bacharach’s songs into hits.  Then we started to compare Dionne to Barry Manilow. Not sure why we did that but nonetheless it happened.  Throughout the evening, I kept singing one of her songs, “Walk on By”.  I’m not one to sing (at least not around others for fear of being gagged with duct tape) but I couldn’t get this song off my mind.  I had never sung it before in my life and there it was swirling through my head.  We had a great night with Robert and said our goodbyes knowing that we would see each other one more time before leaving NYC.

Two nights later we met Robert and he shared an amazing story with us……

A couple hours earlier that day, he stopped by his favorite thrift store to puruse their latest stuff.  As he entered the store, they were playing “Walk on By” over the sound system.  Hmmm….that caught Rob’s attention remembering his sister’s lovely voice singing it the other night.  Being the musician that he is,  Rob proceeded to the record section to see what he could find.  The first record that caught his eye was an older album by none else than Dionne Warwick.  Wow!  As he turned the album over, there was a write up about how she made Burt Bacharach’s songs famous and there was a picture of Dionne with Barry Manilow.  Really!!  After leaving the record section, Rob then went to the CDs and found one with blue butterflies produced by Papillion (meaning butterfly) records and gave it to us as a gift.

What do you think?  We all came to the conclusion that Max must have been with us the night I so beautifully sang “Walk on By” and we talked about Dionne, Barry and Burt.  This was his way of letting us know he was there.  We were so amazed and in awe of the synchronicity of these events.  The universe orchestrated this perfectly.  So very powerful and magical……I can’t wait to see what’s next.  Thanks for being so open Robert to all of Max’s signs and for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

Walk on By…….

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