Posted by: jaynedearborn | May 29, 2010

The Healing Power of the Blue Butterfly

A wonderful healer, Mona Klinger, and I met a few months ago.  We have worked together and she is truely an amazing individual.  The first time I met her, my response was “Mona, you’re so happy.”  I want what she has…..joyful, funny, light hearted, deeply spiritual, intuitive and a kind, giving soul.

The last time I saw Mona she shared this story with me which blew me away.  So I asked her to share it with you.  I think you will be amazed too!

“As a Vibrational Healer, I meet many people who are changing their lives. They have an inner desire to create a better life for themselves, and understand who they are so much more than what they have been thinking or trained.  Here is a story recently about a woman I know who said to me that she was angry and felt cheated to some degree in life. Yet, she has a beautiful young son. She was having a conversation with me when she asked the question…”Why do I get so angry and say things I don’t mean?” My response totally took her by surprise when I told her that she was trying to decide if she wanted to be here (on Earth) or not. She gulped, and said….”really??” I told her that many people are going through this and are having to make decisions on whether or not they choose to be here…. this startled her. She hadn’t consciously considered this.

I saw her a few weeks later and she was so eager to let me know that Spirit had brought a blue butterfly into her life through pictures, etc. She showed me her appointment book with a blue butterfly on the front. She said, “Isn’t it beautiful??” Then she said that this is what was getting her through her feelings of dread, etc. I was invited to go to her home to see her son, and in her room hung another picture of this blue butterfly…. I explained to her that she had found the meaning of transformation, with the beautiful blue…the color of Spirit.  Her heart melted, and she responded…. I feel better knowing this. I know I can continue here, and I thank you for pointing out where I was at!! The blue butterfly is a symbol of Spirit speaking through transformation and change…. bless us for accepting this divine gift when we least expect it to appear!!! Gotta love it!! 🙂 “

Mona Klinger, Medical Intuitive Healer~

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