Posted by: jaynedearborn | June 4, 2010

It’s 604 Today!

Yes it is….June 4, 2010.  And today would be Max’s 17th Birthday.  That’s so hard for me to believe.  I wonder what he would look like, sound like, how tall would he be and would he pestering his younger brother or lifting him up.  What colleges would he want to apply to?  These are questions that I will never have answers to.  At one point, I might have been very sad about this, but time does heal and with all my amazing connections with Max, I am not sad but forever grateful for all the lessons that he has and continues to teach me.

So while the weather may be dismal today here in Portland, OR, we will be honoring and celebrating his life with a BBQ tonight.  We will release 17 blue balloons (that was his favorite color) to the heavens……even though he’ll probably be celebrating right along side us.   Of course, hot dogs will be on the menu since that’s what he would love.  So here’s to a little boy with a huge heart of gold and a very old soul, much wiser than his years, who has been a teacher to so many.  Happy Birthday Max!!

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