Posted by: jaynedearborn | July 10, 2010

Butterfly Lights the Way

My dear friend and vibrational healer extraordinaire, Mona Klinger, contacted me to let me know she had a special gift for me.  Mona lives in Bend and on a monthly basis, makes a trip to Portland to work with her clients in this area.  I was so excited to see what Mona had for me.  Because of her amazing spiritual connections, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I stopped by Mona’s hotel for a visit.  We gave each other big hugs and the moment I’m with her, I feel so good.  Yes it’s partly the energy she carries AND she is such a loving, positive person that you can’t help but be happy in her presence.

Mona sits me down and proceeds to tell me some cool stories of her recent experiences including her attendance to the James Van Praagh conference..all of which I’m fascinated to hear.  Love this stuff!

She hands me a gift in a blue bag with white ribbon.  Before opening the gift, she tells me the story of how she was at Goodwill in Bend shopping and came across this item on the shelf.  It caught her attention and she knew she had to get it, but she wasn’t sure who it was for.  Then she heard my name in her head.  I open the gift and it’s a beautiful stained glass blue butterfly candle holder.  I love it!  Then she laughs and says turn it over I left the price tag on….it was only $1.99   We both agree this is a great deal.  She apologizes for being “tacky” for leaving the price tag on but she felt she needed to do that.  I notice a bar code at the bottom of the tag, and it catches my eye.

The last 4 digits of the bar code are…..0604 (my sign for Max–this is his birthday)  Wow!  Mona and I are both blown away and now she understands why she left the price tag on the candle holder.  Max had a special gift to deliver to his Mom and Mona was the conduit.  Thanks for being so open and receptive Mona and for always listening to your inner guidance.

In Portland, Mona went to buy candles to go with the blue butterfly candle holder.  She was having a hard time finding the candles and stopped to ask a clerk where to find them.  It was an elderly lady (about 60–okay not that elderly) that worked there.  Right in front of her were the candles.  The woman tried to help Mona find a candle holder and then Mona explained the story of how she found the blue butterfly candle holder.  She also mentioned the Blue Butterfly Campaign and the work we are doing for childhood leukemia research.

The woman’s eyes began to fill with tears and said “Did you just say Blue Butterfly Campaign? My mother loved butterflies and she passed away recently.  Whenever I see butterflies, I think of her.”  The other day this woman was missing her mother so much and asking her why she had to die.  Then out of the blue, a butterfly flew into the room.  She couldn’t believe her eyes because there was no window open, no way for the butterfly to get in.  She was so excited that she went to get her husband, but by the time they got back, the butterfly was gone….again no window open, no way for the butterfly to get out.  The woman was so moved that she was able to share this story with Mona.  It was just what she needed for healing in that moment.  Mona gave her a big hug and then went there separate ways.  The power of the butterfly lights the way again!


  1. And you were concerned that the name Blue Butterfly Campaign wasn’t good enough to capture what it is you and Chris are doing…. by staying true to your calling you are not only healing yourself, others through fundraising, but even strangers. What a wonderful story, I so grateful you shared it! Monica is dynamite!

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